80’s In The Sand Schedule

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Charity Excursion

UPDATE 10/8:

Sorry for the delay on the charity excursion! We are having more difficulty then expected coordinating with agencies in the DR! We will keep you updated…

However, we are still planning to donate charity items so PLEASE BRING DONATIONS!

Join RockStar in conjunction with 80’s In The Sand Sunday, November 4 from 8am-2pm in this TOTALLY AWESOME charity excursion! RockStar and 60 other Sanders will be dropping off your donations at the local orphanage. Donations will be collected at the resort Friday and Saturday, items such as school supplies, clothes, toys, non-perishable goods, etc…

Details on participating in this excursion will be posted soon.


We will be having a ROOM DOOR & BALCONY CONTEST again in November!

Decorate your room door & balcony for a chance to win a free room for 2 people at 80’s In the Sand 2019! LIKE WHAT AN AMAZING PRIZE!?

Band Karaoke!

Introducing Band Karaoke! Not only get a chance to sing, but PLAY an instrument with a live band on stage! Stay tuned, more details coming up!

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