Pretty Poison with Jade Starling

A Return To Billboard’s Top 5

Jade is back with the Official Anthem to the Summer of ‘19. “FIRED UP” was released to DJs only on February 13th and since then it has literally exploded in the clubs. “This record was on Fire from the moment we released it” says Jade.
In a matter of 7 weeks, “Fired Up” exploded up the chart to the #3 position on the highly politicized Billboard Club Play Chart Top 50 where it duked it out with Ariana Grande for #1.

“I Feel So Blessed to have the Billboard Panel’s support on this record. We actually played with Funky Green Dogs back when we were working “Let Freedom Ring”. We had heard “Fired Up” a few years ago and my long time Co-Writer/Producer Whey Cooler suggested we cover it.
While in production Whey was diagnosed with Tonsil Cancer and fought a long, hard battle. Two years later he is Cancer free so we decided to finish the record and get remixes done. We sent the record to famed record promoter Loren Chaidez and he Loved it! To have “Fired Up “be so widely received is truly a full circlemoment”


As “FIRED UP” approached the top of the Billboard Club Chart, it also topped the highly influential ZIP DJ chart representing over 1000 DJs worldwide and the equally important MUSIC WORX North American chart as well as their House Music Chart. In addition to this, it impacted radio both on-line and terrestrial making it one of the anthems of the Summer of 2019. As its popularity continued to grow, Jade has introduced the “FIRED UP CHALLENGE”.

In addition to this, Jade has had several hi-profile events and appearances during the Summer of’19 kicking off with the 80s convention in Las Vegas known simply as

Hosted by Alan Hunter best known as one of the 5 original MTV VJs. This event featured performances by “When In Rome”, “Patty Smyth and Scandal”, “Mr. Mister”, “A Flock of Seagulls”, the “Outfield”, “Missing Persons”, “The Romantics”, “Thomas Dolby”, “Expose”, and the “Reflex”.

This Vegas event was the precursor to its big brother, the Ultimate 80s event of the year, “80s In The Sand” held in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. This is a 9 day all inclusive trip is to the beautiful 5 star BREATHLESS Hotel & Resort.
In addition to Jade and Pretty Poison, this year’s line-up includes Sammy Hagar, Erasure’s AndyBell, Debbie Gibson, Lita Ford, Modern English, Saga, Glass Tiger, Greg Kihn Band, Paul Young, Tone Loc, Midge Ure of Ultavox, Shannon, Expose and Company B.


Take the “Fired Up Challenge”

Take the “Fired Up Challange”

We want to know what gets you HOT, we mean REALLY HOT We want to know what gets you “FIRED UP” ???????

Tell us in a short video clip and post it on the “Fired Up Challange page on youtube. Maybe it’s politics or the weather, someone in your life that makes you feel so good or




someone you want out of your life, sex, food, cats, dogs, Summer etc. anything that you’re passionate about.

You can make it as simple or elaborate as you want.


It’s another busy Summer Season

This year, Jade has taken the show into many cities in North America including San Antonio Texas, Las Vegas, San Diego, LA, and more culminating in a highly publicized appearance at“80s In The Sand” Punta Cana DR

“The fans are just so amazing no matter what city we’re in the enthusiasm is unbelievable!!The freestyle fans are the most devoted of any I’ve ever played for. It’s so rewarding to seegrandparents, moms, dads and kids all singing the words to our classic songs.
I often walk into the crowd after our performance to meet the fans in person”

Freestyle is a muti-generational culture where the music matters most.”

In addition to an ambitious touring schedule, PRETTY POISON music can be heard on major shows on NETFLIX, FXand SHOWTIME.
NIGHTIME was featured in POSE on FXseason 2 ep. 3

CATCH ME I’m FALLING is featured in an upcoming episode of SHOWTIME’sAJ and the QUEEN featuring RuPaul

CATCH ME is also being featured this Fall in an episode of CHEERSQUAD onNETFLIX



CATCH ME I’m FALLING can also be heard in the following On-Demand movies;CRUISE – which had a limited opening last October and is now available on Netflix. It stars

Emily Ratajkowski

BIG SICK – this Academy Award nominated comedy features Holly Hunter, Ray Romano and Kumal Nanjiani.

DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN – the legendary comedy f/ Adam Sandler and Rob Schnieder.

KICKIN’ IT OLD SKOOL – starring Jamie KennedyHIDING OUT – this cult classic stars 2 and 1⁄2 Men’s Jon CryerBREAKING BAD – Season 4/ ep 8 “Problem Dog”

The battle continues

Saul Alverez is the focus of the campaign. We are dedicated to helping a dear friend and important contributor to the dance music community. His tireless fight with Cancer


began in 2015 and he continues to fight today. We are committed to raise the funds needed to help pay down some of his enormous debt from mounting medical bills.

With his battle now behind him, WHEY is dedicated to helping others who are battling this form of cancer to not lose hope and to soldier through their treatment like he did.
He along with Jade are hard at work on launching which will offer a resource for anyone facing Head and Neck cancer esp when it’s HPV related as WHEY’s was. By helping to educate the general public to the wide spread epidemic surrounding this cancer, he hopes to make a difference in the way it is perceived and treated.


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